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Rare Descriptive Essay Topics: 20 Unique Ideas

Writing a descriptive essay calls for the student to be rather articulate in the manner in which they are able to deliver their paper, how they are able to write their ideas and share them with the rest of the world. A descriptive essay basically relies on you to choose what you want to talk about, assuming that the reader knows nothing about this topic, and from there you can then go on to write an effective paper. The following are some unique ideas that you can think about:

  1. Describe a dream that almost came true
  2. Describe a place that you would never want to visit
  3. Explain why your best hangout joint should not be frequented by people
  4. Discuss why your first ever apartment was a very bad idea
  5. Look back to your graduation ceremony and discuss how it almost went wrong
  6. Think about your first kiss, and discuss why you would never want to have that experience again
  7. Picture yourself as a woman taking a man on a date, what would you do?
  8. Imagine you are performing in front of a large crowd, discuss the experience
  9. Imagine the president asking you to read out his speech for him. Discuss how you would handle this situation
  10. Describe how you would prepare for a marathon
  11. Discuss how your lucky charm always works wonders for you
  12. Imagine you are being presented with a prestigious award and discuss how this would make you feel
  13. Picture yourself lost in a new city as vast and expansive as Shanghai and discuss what you would do
  14. Imagine that for one day you were a beggar on the street, and describe the events that transpire from morning to evening when you leave the street and go home
  15. Imagine you are your father, and you have been informed that your child has been delivered, explain the pattern of emotions and reactions that you would go through
  16. Describe how you would spend $100,000,000 in one week
  17. Explain how you would deal with the realization that you live in a haunted house
  18. Discuss how you feel when taking a brisk walk in the park
  19. You have just met someone you thought had died so many years ago. Discuss your reactions
  20. Discuss the irony of being taught to be independent, and clearing school to be tied down to an office desk job