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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is considered to be one of the spokes people for democracy and was an American founding father. He was one of the principal authors for the Declaration of Independence and he served as the third President of the United States. Thomas Jefferson was in eloquent correspondence but he was not a popular public speaker. He contributed his writing rather than his voice to the Continental Congress. He was considered a silent member of the Congress when he drafted the Declaration of Independence. He was also the party responsible for writing the bill which that was religious freedom.

Thomas Jefferson had succeeded Benjamin Franklin in the role of Minister to France in 1785. He had said before the French Revolution which is what caused him to face conflict with Alexander Hamilton in the role of secretary of state. As two separate parties began to develop Thomas Jefferson assumed leadership of the Democratic Republicans who were also sympathetic to the Revolution in France. He attacked Federalist policies and opposed a strong central government. He was an advocate for states’ rights. He was also reluctant to take on the role of president.

However in 1796, he came within three votes of the election. But thanks to a flaw in the Constitution he actually became vice president. The House of Representatives later settle the tie between him and Aaron Burr for the next presidential nominee. He assumed presidency and was popular for slashing the expenses of the Navy in the army, cutting the budget, getting rid of the whiskey tax, and reducing the national debt by one third.

The Barbary Pirates had been harassing American commerce within the Mediterranean Sea and Thomas Jefferson responded by sending a naval squadron to fight them. Even though he had no constitutional provision He still purchased the Louisiana territory from Napoleon in the year 1803. He suppressed any controversy over the lack of constitutionality for this purchase. He also served a second term wherein he was preoccupied with keeping the nation from getting involved in Napoleons wars. His attempted solution to this was to place an embargo up on American shipping which was a very unpopular decision. Thomas Jefferson retired to Monticello and died in 1826.