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12 Unexpected Evaluation Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

Evaluation essays take a lot of time and planning. In order to write a good one, you have to take a particular situation, or set of circumstances and then be able to evaluate it from both sides. Choosing one particular argument and sticking with it, simply won’t do. It can also be difficult trying to choose the right topic to cover because while you don’t want to tread well-worn ground, you also need to make sure that you don’t find yourself out of your depth and struggling to join all of the dots effectively. Hopefully, my 12 unexpected evaluation essay topics will help.

  1. Evaluate the experience of watching your favourite football match on your smartphone versus watching it on television.
  2. Evaluate the recreational services available for young people in your hometown. Look at both the pros and the cons.
  3. Evaluate the pay structure in professional men’s football versus the pay structure in women’s professional football. Is it fair? Could more be done to bridge the gap?
  4. Evaluate the British professional tennis system versus say the American system. (Or choose another country to compare the British system against) Does any difference in the system go anyway to explaining why there are so few British players at the very top of the sport?
  5. Go for a meal at a restaurant and evaluate the variety of menu options on offer and the “special dietary requirement range.” This is a great choice, because you are effectively killing two birds with one stone. Researching your essay topic AND enjoying an evening out. It is a win, win situation!
  6. Choose two fast food chains and evaluate the differences in quality, affordable, service between them. It doesn’t matter which ones you choose, so long as they serve similar kinds of food.
  7. Evaluate the available apps for Android or IPhone, and whether the paid versions offer any better value for money than the free ones.
  8. Evaluate the reliability and affordability of public transport in your area.
  9. Evaluate the U.K’s policy on immigration and whether it is effective.
  10. Take two polling companies, for example YouGov and Populus, and evaluate the accuracy and reliability of their data.
  11. Evaluate Obamacare and compare it to Clinton’s Healthcare reforms.
  12. Evaluate Obama’s relationship with Israel, and whether his “cooling” of relations will have any impact on the long-term relationship between America and Israel.