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15 Excellent Problem Solution Essay Topics To Look Into

If you're looking for potential problem solution essay topics consider the 15 excellent problem solution essay topics below. Remember to look into these but to also use them as a jumping off point from which to find topics that are much more relevant to things that you enjoy and chew your assignment details.

  1. Review house some people claim that public transportation will reduce problems with pollution as one problem solution essay topic. Discuss the different systems used for public transportation and which ones would be most effective in your city
  2. Review what the current gambling age is in your area and why it should be reduced
  3. Explore how meditation can relieve stress and what other benefits are afforded by meditation
  4. Explore the benefits of learning about health especially for high school students. Use this to explain why all high schools should require a health education class that is comprehensive and includes sex education from a non-abstinence only viewpoint as another problem solution essay topic.
  5. Explain why there should be a two child limit for families across America and pay particular attention to how the United States is currently overcrowded and how this would be one method for reconciling that problem, as one problem solution essay topic.
  6. Explain how a college degree today is standard and a requirement for nearly any job but not everyone is able to afford it and therefore colleges should be free
  7. Explore why college athletes should receive a salary for playing sports. Pay particular attention to how players make millions of dollars for their universities by playing on the team and therefore they should get some benefit or stipend from the money they bring into the university
  8. Explain how allowing for classroom collaboration would actually alleviate the amount of cheating in the classroom and how this type of collaboration should be the future direction of education
  9. Explore how students should be allowed to attend whatever public schools they choose and why the location of their house should not be a restrictive factor for their public school
  10. Explore how marijuana should not be considered a drug and all states should allow the use of marijuana
  11. Explore how children to give back to the community through volunteer efforts are happier people and much more successful and pay particular attention to the methods that people can use to encourage children to participate in community service
  12. Explain how to recognize when you're in a dysfunctional relationship and how to get out of one
  13. Explain how to prevent the use of text messaging while driving or explore how students can benefit from a fine arts class
  14. Review different ways to prevent drinking and driving or explain what methods are best for keeping teenagers from dropping out of high school
  15. Explain how taxes need to be higher for wealthier individuals