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Abraham Lincoln

The United States has a rich history and this background is full of challenges and victories. This has not been possible without certain individuals who lived during such times. Starting from key government officials and presidents who took America all through from the time of independence to this day, the nation would not have been the way it is if it was not for the foundation that was laid then.

One such notable person is Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States of America. He was born in 1809 and raised in Kentucky and after some years of growth and learning became a lawyer hence finally became the president of America. All his life, Lincoln lived for fifty six years before he died through assassination.

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Notable things about Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln is the United States president that led the country all through the American Civil War. It was one of the painful moments in the history of America if not the worst. It is termed as the greatest constitutional, moral and political crisis. This way, he maintained the union of the people and destroyed the slavery that was so prominent in the United States. He further strengthened the federal rule and again modernized the economy of America.

He had a very humane personality and again an historical role as a savior to the Americans and the slaves of that time by creating a legacy that lasted. He was very eloquent on issues of democracy and his persistence that the union deserved saving expressively the ideals supported through a self-government that all countries endeavor to achieve.

His legacy and assassination

When he became president in 1861, he issued the emancipation proclamation that saw freedom come to all those who were under slavery within the 1863 confederacy. Due to what he did, he became the greatest person in the history of the United States because of his preposterous effect on America and his exclusive appeal. He has a very significant story that is characterized by a rise from very trivial beginnings to get the highest office in the nation. It is too unfortunate that he was killed in a moment when the land needed his services most.

Unfortunately, fate in the hands of some actor, John Wilkes Booth decided otherwise. Lincoln’s life was terminated untimely through this incidence. During this time Lincoln supported a policy of fast reunification during the reconstruction that had started in 1863 before he finally met his death.