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Drugs For Medical Purposes

Some drugs that are not legal have some medicinal advantage. Some of them have been in use for many years now. However, only very few countries in the world allow for the utilization of the illegal drugs for medicinal purposes. A ranging debate has been ongoing for a very long time and is not near the end. A solution does not seem to be anywhere near from being arrived at. The main risk that faces the use of illegal drugs for medicinal purposes is the significant risk that it would pose for abuse. Should it be banned while patients continue suffering whereas there is a cure? This is a situation that needs to be critically analyzed. The life of a human being is imperative. It should not be taken for granted and the more this issue is prolonged, the more patients continue to suffer and circum illness.

Controlled selling

I think that governments should come up with a good measure that will allow for these drugs to be used but with strict rules. I always ask myself, suppose these drugs were of another kind? Would they still be banned? I trust that there is a very simple answer to these questions. No, they would not. It is, therefore, unfair to let patients suffer whereas there is a remedy. If good governance was exercised, patients would get help. The drugs only need to be sold at licensed designated chemists or government health institutions on strict laws. They should not be sold to persons without a proper medical prescription from authorized physicians. Though they have a great effect if used against the prescriptions, a thought should be given to how much they would help ailing patients.

Effects of the Drugs

Even though these drugs are medicinal, their consumption has a great impact on the health of the user. Some of these drugs have a more significant effect on the body. These effects may be experienced even after the condition being treated is gone. Should the drugs be legalized for medicinal use, physicians should only be allowed to suggest their use only if there is no other way. The decision of use should, however, be left to the patient or guardian in case of underage patients. The patient or the decision maker should be furnished with all the benefits and effects of use. This will give a chance for informed decisions. My view on the issue is that these drugs be allowed depending on their importance in the medical world.