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A List Of Extraordinary Essay Topics For University Students

When writing a paper, your teacher will often supply you with a list of potential topics. But if you advance far enough in school, your teacher may no longer do this and may instead ask that you come up with a topic on your own. This can be a rewarding experience because it means you no longer have to write about a boring event in history that you don’t care about or a character in a book that you don’t really like. You can instead choose an event that you love or a character that intrigued you.

Consider the following:

  • You can write about the use of micro loans in small, rural villages in third world countries and how they can help or hinder the poverty level.
  • You can discuss the room for growth with regard to income equality in Guatemala and the manner in which conventional banking systems can offer assistance.
  • You can review the use of television advertisements by pharmaceutical companies and the growth rate of patients who book appointments asking directly for a certain pill, even if they are not showing symptoms for what it treats or even know what it treats. Discuss the ramifications this has for medical expenses, the health of the population, and whether or not it is ethical.
  • Write a paper that evaluates the longitudinal study conducted in China in the 1970s-1990’s about food consumption and its relation to different cancers. You can present the findings of the study, and the direct relation between high meat intake to higher levels of certain cancers. Should this receive more popularity in America and should it become a foundation for legislation?
  • Write about the growth of environmental protection that took place during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. Discuss his moves to make national forests in the west and how this was technically a violation of his powers as president and of the constitution.
  • Review the manner in which Franklin D. Roosevelt was able to serve four terms before his death, in spite of the pre-existing rule of a two term limit set forth by George Washington. Explain why America was insistent upon his continued rule and how he used that to sway Congress into backing him.
  • Review the growth of home schooling in a southern state and what rules and regulations that state has set forth for requirements. See if these should be allowed or not.
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