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Top 33 Funny Essay Topic Ideas For College Students

Most of the essays that you will have to write in college are extremely serious and they analyze relevant issues. However, if you are lucky enough to have to write a funny essay, you need to be sure that the subject is at least interesting, and it can change the perception of your classmates.

  1. Your favorite food. This will be interesting, especially if you have an exotic taste.
  2. A childhood memory. Choose one that has a moral lesson, but funny in the same time.
  3. A personality that inspires you. It is even better if this person is a public figure.
  4. The teachers in your school. Which one you like more and why.
  5. The funniest course. Fortunately, there are professors that know how to make their lesson pleasant.
  6. The first time when you went to school. This is a beloved memory in the mind of every student.
  7. How much homework you think you should get. Sure enough, all students want less homework.
  8. Funny habits from your family. Each family has some funny stories to tell.
  9. Unusual celebrations from around the world. It is always fascinating to find out about new cultures.
  10. Exotic meals. There are many countries where spiders and worms are considered delicious.
  11. Modern fashion. Most of the designers nowadays have a very unusual taste.
  12. Funny expressions in another language. For sure, they will sound amusing when translated.
  13. Old types of music. The 70s are very suitable when it comes to this.
  14. Describe your siblings. After you finish, invite your classmates to do the same thing.
  15. Mention a few embarrassing moments that gave you a moral lesson.
  16. What is the most strange TV show that you can find?
  17. Your favorite character in a book. Write a brief description and mention why you like it.
  18. Habits of famous people. It is well-known that some scientists had unusual behavior.
  19. The way that groups reacts to embarrassing situations.
  20. A movie that gave you a life lesson.
  21. Your favorite cartoon as a kid.
  22. The similarities between you and your parents when they had the same age as you.
  23. Typical games for children in your area.
  24. What is the strangest thing you ever ate?
  25. Funny haircuts that were common in Europe in 16th century.
  26. The meaning of your name and the story behind it.
  27. Invent a theater play that will include all your classmates.
  28. Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?
  29. If you could have a superpower, which one would you chose and why?
  30. Public mistakes that were done by public figures and their impact on the public.
  31. Imagine you are a public personality, and you make an interview.
  32. Try to invent a new piece of technology that can be useful for humanity.
  33. Write about the countries you wish to visit.