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8 Great Hints That Will Help You Write a Successful Argumentative Essay

Follow these tips to start writing amazingly successful argumentative essays:

  1. Pick the best possible argument
  2. When you’re uncertain about your skills in argumentative essay writing, it helps to start out with a good topic. Make it something that appeals to you so you’ll research it well and really get invested.

  3. If you’re picking a side, pick one you can defend well
  4. When you look at a topic, one side may automatically appeal to you without necessarily being the one you can most easily defend. This goes without saying for people who hold beliefs that are on the fringes of acceptable behaviour and generally disagreed with. Try to remember that.

  5. When you’re practicing try defending the side you disagree with
  6. If you want to play it safe for your teacher, that’s fine. If you want to become a great writer, you should practice writing often and not just argue from the perspective you agree with but the opposing one as well. This expands your thinking.

  7. Look at well written argumentative essays to get a feel for what works
  8. Learning from better writers cuts down on the amount of time it takes you to acquire any given skill.

  9. Practice thinking argumentatively
  10. It’s quite simple to latch onto an opinion and let your biases blind you to any contradictory evidence. This makes for a very unbalanced argumentative essay and no one likes that. When you think of any topic, think about it as if you’re writing it down. Be thorough in your analysis and fair in your conclusions.

  11. Look at your own work critically
  12. Very little progress is made by just congratulating yourself for your current level of progress with a growing sense of complacency. Allow yourself to make note of the errors in your style and consider methods you could use to eliminate them.

  13. Ask someone to help you by critiquing your work
  14. If you have trouble looking at your own work critically, get help from a scholar you trust.

  15. Challenge yourself
  16. Once you’ve gotten comfortable enough writing simple argumentative essays, you can start spreading your wings and tackling topics that are difficult, outrageous or even absurd. The more you do this the simpler the regular topics will appear.

These are merely eight of the infinite tips you can use to improve your argumentative writing.