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How to Do My Essay Quickly - Vital Recommendations

Why are you in a position where you have to do your essay quickly? Is it because you are bad at organization? Have you had a run of bad luck which has thrown out your schedule? Whatever the problem or problems have been you need to rectify them so that the situation doesn't occur again. But that doesn't answer the question you now face. How can you write your essay in as short a time as possible?

Here are some vital recommendations. Note that the word vital is used here meaning that these recommendations are essential; you must pay attention to these recommendations.

  • Don't panic.
  • Draw up a timetable with milestones.
  • Make your outline as detailed as possible.
  • Remove all distractions.
  • Write as quickly as possible.
  • Don't neglect proofreading and editing.

The first thing is to remain calm. If you start to panic and worry excessively because of the looming deadline you will only make it more difficult to write your essay quickly. Accept the fact that you have a tricky task ahead of you and overcome the problem by clear thinking and good planning.

This begins with a timetable including milestones. Start from today and finish with a time when you need to hand in your essay. Add milestones such as when you will finish the outline, when you'll finish the first draft, when you will start the proofreading and so on. Put this timetable in a prominent place so you can keep a constant eye on your progress.

Your plan or outline needs to be as detailed as possible. You will write more quickly if you have produced a detailed plan.

You need to remove all distractions. If you have friends or family or television or mobile phone or whatever which are able to distract you, your task will become much harder. Find a workspace where you will not be interrupted.

Once you finish the detailed plan you write your first draft as quickly as possible. You've got to write the whole thing quickly anyway but certainly this first draft must ignore such things as spelling and punctuation -- just write. It's no good finishing your essay quickly unless you carry out due diligence as far as proofreading and editing are concerned. You must take however much time is required to double-check your work before you hand it in.