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5 Features of Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics

One style of paper that you may be asked to write is the cause and effect essay. In this essay format you describe a relationship where one event causes the other or one event is the direct effect of the other or a description of the entire situation. When choosing a topic for this paper, there are five features that must be present. Many students get caught up by using a topic where two things correlate with each other. This means that when one thing happens, the other event usually does too. However if one did not cause the other than you can’t use it for this essay. Let’s take a closer look at the features that have to be present for this essay to work.

  1. Describes the cause of something
  2. You can write your essay about an event that caused something. For example, you can write about what causes marriages to fail. In this paper, you will discuss the many causes that lead to a failed marriage which is the effect.

  3. Describes the effect or effects of something
  4. This essay will be the opposite of the last one. You would list the many effects that happened due to a single event. What are the many effects that divorce has on children? The divorce is the cause and you are listing the effects.

  5. Follows the situation from the start to the results
  6. This paper will discuss both the cause and effect. You will talk about how failed communication, mistrust and infidelity lead to divorce.

  7. Displays a direct relationship between the two
  8. There has to be a direct relationship where one thing caused the other or one thing was effected by the other.

  9. Interesting and relevant
  10. You want to make sure that you choose an interesting topic and one that is relevant to your course study. If you are writing this paper for English class, the relevance is not as important because you should be able to write about anything unless you were told otherwise. If you are writing this paper for science class, you want to discuss a science topic.

As you can see, this paper is not really as hard as you started out thinking. It can be a little intimidating because you have to find that direct relationship but as you can see in the previous example, it doesn’t have to be complex.