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Essay Help Online: an Effective Writing Strategy

To get the most out of online essay help, it is a good idea to have an effective writing strategy. A really effect writing strategy can be usefully applied to other forms of writing that you may have to do in your daily life.

  • Planning. This is the most difficult hurdle to overcome. It may be that you find it hard to make a decision about the topic or title. Have a look at some of the suggestions that you have been given by your tutor or look online for some suggestions.
  • Making a Topic decision. You don’t want to pick a random topic and than find you have spent hours on it, only to find that you cannot find enough ideas or information to complete the work. Likewise you don’t want to have so much to put in the essay that you are overwhelmed.
  • Pick a topic that s relevant, that you already have some knowledge about and it interests you.

Once you think that you may have a topic or two, try this.

  • Brainstorm the topics. Spend just ten minutes on each topic.
  • Think of what you want to say about the topic.
  • Also think about what further research you need to do.

If you are comfortable with what you have decided you now need to do a little more planning.

  • Make sure you now when the work needs to be handed in for marking, make a note of a date a week or so before so as you can get you draft completed and allow time to make any changes as well as proofreading
  • Plan you introduction. Set the scene for the reader.
  • Plan the main part of your essay. Pick out two or three important points that you are covering in your essay. Make sure that the ideas are in a logical progression.
  • Plan your ending or conclusion, make sure that you tie up all the loose ends of any points you have raised in your essay.

If you have gone through all the planning stages, you are now ready to write your essay.

  • When you are writing your essay also keep in mind that each paragraph should be a mini essay in its own right. The first sentence should be the introduction to the paragraph and you than have the main body and your concluding paragraph should conclude the topic of the paragraph and lead the reader to the next paragraph.
  • do spend a little time reviewing your work as you write.
  • If possible get someone else to read through your work before you hand it in.