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A Free Guide To Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics

When you are trying to come up with a good topic for your argumentative essay, there are some key things that you should keep in mind as you search.

  • Does the topic have pros and cons?
  • Can the topic be debated?
  • Is the topic compelling and interesting?
  • Is this topic overdone?
  • Do I have enough information on the topic?
  • Do I have enough supporting evidence for the topic?
  • Are all of my resources credible and reliable?
  • Are all the resources up to date?

If you ask yourself these questions when you are trying to decide on a topic, it will make picking your topic much easier and you will also have a great topic because of these questions.

Argumentative Essay Topics
  • Lottery, people play the lottery in hopes that they will win big and never have to work again but are it really a good idea. The lottery is suppose to help other but what do they really do with all the money, it is wasteful or is it helpful to the state?
  • Is our taxation fair? You hear about rich people getting tax breaks and then middle class people get stuck paying more. Is this fair or what is wrong with the system and how can we fix it?
  • Does setting a curfew really keep kids out of trouble? Where I was from, there was a whistle that blow when it was curfew but with cell phones, there is not need for that. But does the curfew really help keep kids out trouble or do they just get into trouble before it?
  • Law enforcement cameras, public safety or invasion of privacy? With all of the police brutality today, do you think it would be beneficial for all law enforcement officers to wear cameras? Would this decrease the instances of brutality or would police not care that they had a camera on?
  • If teenagers had better access to condoms, do you think that would prevent teen pregnancy more? Teens are ashamed to buy them and they aren’t available for free like they should be but we made them more available to teens, would this prevent pregnancy and STDs?
  • Are the CEOs of companies paid way too much for the job that they are doing? You have probably hear about CEOs getting millions of dollars to be the head of the company but is this fair or are the getting paid to much for the job that they do?