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“The Ways We Lie” By Stephanie Ericsson

The moment we proclaim we don’t or have never lied is the moment we lie. It doesn’t matter how good we say we are or how honest, there are points in our lives when we are faced with certain situation and the only viable option to get out of it is to lie. Lies may be classified and/or grouped under a certain heading but whether it is black, blue or white, it is still a lie. People may wonder as to what the different kinds of lies are and examples of such. The different kinds of lies can be found in a book written by Stephanie Ericsson titled “The ways we lie”. Ericsson in her book defines in details through what circumstance we choose and use the different kinds of lies. According to the book written by Ericsson, she outlines ten kinds of lies people use on a daily basis.

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She speaks of the white lie which is that which an individual uses in order to allow another person to be pleased with a given result. It is that which makes an individual feel good instead of having the truth to hurt their feelings. This is a common everyday “lie” that many people uses and somehow not feeling a bit of guilt about lying. Another common lie used by person as she described is known as facades. She describes it as the ones in which a person put on a disguised look to please whoever they are attending to. This is most times done out of the present of the receiving party but based on the extent of the information presented; you can never tell they were actually lying. It is most times presented as the sheep in wolves clothing kind of lie. It is a good presentation of pretending. Everyone too uses the kind of lie that presents a percentage of truth but based on the rest of the story, it is not able to determine the core behind the details. This kind of lie as Ericsson describes it is the one that persons speak the truth but during the relaying of the truth, key factors which build the base of the story has being omitted thus resulting in this lie known as the omission lie.

There are many other kinds of lies that people uses on a daily basis. When they lie, they believe they are doing the right thing but they never realize that after one lie comes another and then another because they now have to alter the way they speak to match what they said at the first point. They never think about the effects it will have on them if the truth were to be revealed.