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10 Tips To Help You Get A Good Example Of An Opinion Essay

An opinon essay has to be a facutal (non-fiction) piece of writing and you have to express your opinions based on supported evidence (you may be required to provide examples as well). However, in some cases, you may not have to provide any hard evidence at all, as long as your opinions are supported by a strong argument. In essence, this is not a very difficult piece of writing, as it could be a bit more personal. However, knowing all these won’t help you in writing the perfect essay! You are going to need to read examples written by somebody else. Here are some tips for you:

  • Start from the library
  • You can almost always find the resources you need in the library, as long as you are willing to look for things! It shouldn’t take you long, as there should be plenty of examples in there.

  • Teacher should help
  • Teachers would have examples of opinion essays written by past students. Ask them if you could access it and it should certainly help.

  • Use search engine
  • With the help of technology, you could just use search engine to find whether there are examples online. Chances are that you will find something almost instantly!

  • Go on blogs
  • Bloggers usually provide example for what they say. That’s why you should look for a blog that focuses on academic writing and see what you can find there.

  • Ask your friends
  • Ideally, you should be asking your classmates who are doing well in class. See if they have an example that you could read through. Normally, that would be very useful and you could share ideas with each other.

  • Ask your parents
  • Though it might be a long shot, there is a chance that your parents are keeping their schoolwork! See if they have written an opinion essay and you can have a read.

  • Academic websites
  • There are certain websites that focus on selling academic products. You will be able to find resources there, although it’s going to cost a little.

  • Private tutor
  • Considering hiring a private tutor, as they have access to plenty of resources. It will cost you money, but it’s worth it.

  • Look through your notes
  • There’s a good chance that your teacher has already given you hints and examples on how to write a great essay. All you have to do is look through your notes!

  • Online forums
  • Check them out! There is a good chance that people post their work online and let others review it.