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Russian Mafia

With fast increase in digitization of standards and reliance of institutions to digitalization globally, groups of mafias have discovered a monetary benefit of the internet. Presently, Russia Mafias have developed expertise in cybercrime. Most of its members were the ex-KGB spies of cyber crimes who realized that they can use their training and skills to get money from the hacked information that they had retrieved from the government for spying purposes earlier when they were still working.

Cyber criminals normally focus on the end users. For instance, according to the report of IB from Security analyst company of Russia, the Russian Mafia have made approximately $4.5 billion worldwide by employing different techniques of hacking into the systems of various organizations. Therefore, this group was to blame for 36% of the total amount of money that was lost globally through cyber crimes.

The increase in cybercrime committed by Russian Mafias is due to the weak laws. The Phishing attacks, fraud emanating from online banking and crimes of stolen money has increased in Russia and this forms the biggest proportion of cybercrime that is approximately $942 million, then lose of money through spam of approximately $830 million and $230 million that forms the amount of money that is paid for technical services against cyber crime activities.

In addition, Russia has been experiencing an increased trend of the cyber criminals targeting people than financial organizations especially for scams committed for online banking. In this case, criminals normally use Trojan programs and Web-inject techniques that directs users to phishing websites.

To control the increase in cyber crimes in Russia, there is need to raise the fines and strengthen the capacity of law enforcers by training them to improve their skills on the cybercrime analysis techniques. The fact that these criminals are becoming more sophisticated, therefore, there is need to upgrade the cyber crime investigation methods by use of modern equipment in their inquiry. In addition, this crime is international in nature, therefore, it is important to work together with International Organizations through United Nations and having clear definition of terms such as ‘bonnets’ in their new legislations for easy enforcement in fighting cyber crime.