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Ecological issue

Ecology is a scientific field that addresses environmental systems and their interactions. In some instances, ecological can interchangeably be used with environmental issues. Ecology is subdivided into four branches of interest; physiology ecology, community ecology (addresses the different kind and number of species found in a specific geographical area and their interactions), population ecology (in focuses on the distribution of species and the factors that cause this distribution and dispersion) and ecosystems ecology (addresses the entire set microbes, plants and animals, their structure and functions and how they interact).

Ecology focuses on the entire natural world that encompasses both the living and the non-living. It is also to note the importance of the study of ecological evolutionary at all levels of ecology to understand the importance of natural selection when it comes to organisms’ adaptation and functioning. We all require studying ecology since we are in direct or indirect contact with the natural world. Ecological issues are the problems that result from an imbalance in the ecological system. These issues can be resolved in their early stages, but their neglect can lead to dire consequences for the physical environment.

Causes of ecological issues

Ecological issues are related to environment problems that we are globally experiencing. The environmental issues are widespread and in the recent years they have gained their way into political platforms. Various governing authorities have realised the dangers and consequences of environmental degradation, but they have not fully attributed the cause of environmental problems to capitalism.

By trying to tackle the menace of pollution, we are just trying to cure the symptoms rather than the cause disease that is amended in the ways we live by. If we fail to readdress the cause of environmental degradation, the symptoms will keep on reappearing and the problem will persist for a longer period. The greatest enemy of the environment is human beings. Human beings tend to generate the idea of ruling and dominating the environment just like they dominate fellow human beings. In an uncivilised society where humans lack respect for one another, environmental degradation is higher compared to the situation in a civilised society.

Prevention of ecological issues

To avert instances of ecological issues, the world has to work in unison to curb environmental degradation which is at its peak in the recent years. The more technological and industrious the world becomes the more the environment degradation. The world environmental organisations and bodies should be more vigorous in their efforts to curb environmental degradation.