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Same-Sex Marriages

Whether or not gays and lesbians should be allowed to get legally married is a controversial topic at the moment. This debate is likely to rage on for many years to come due to the varying beliefs of those who hold to a biblical view of marriage, and those who hold to the idea that times have changed. As a whole, same-sex marriage has a number of implications; three of which we will discuss here.

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What it means for children

A question that is being raised by those who oppose same-sex marriage is how children fit into this way of life. Lesbian couples have the option of surrogate birth where one of them can be the actual mother through artificial insemination. Gay men can opt for this in a different way by having a female friend or family member carry a baby for them to eventually adopt as their own. Many homosexual couples have also successfully adopted and raised children without those children turning out to be gay. Their children—however they obtained them—identifying with their own sexual orientation without the influence of the gay parents, seems to be a strong argument on the side of gay marriage activists.

Marriage and family

What seems to be another main argument from gay couples is that they can imitate a conventional family setting by moving past conventional ways of starting a family. However, conservatives will argue that it is still only an imitation, and not a real family setting in the traditional sense. In the end though, whether marriage for them is allowed or not, gay couples will continue to live this type of life—but they want more. They want to be recognized by the state as legally married in the conventional sense.

The religious aspect

The main reason for most conservative thinking about gay marriage is the religious aspect. Christians, Muslims, and orthodox Jews will rally against same-sex marriage because they believe it is in direct violation of God’s design for family. To support their claims, they quote various scriptures from their holy writings and thereby condemn homosexuality in its most basic form. Their disdain for same-sex marriage obviously stems from this fundamental belief.

Whether or not gay marriage will be widely accepted is debatable. People are more conventional in certain ways than they are in others. Those who decide whether same-sex marriage will be legalized in their particular state or country will like examine all of the points stated above, and more.