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A List Of Interesting History Essay Topics To Write About

History is the sort of topic that can easily become the favorite of students who enjoy reading or telling stories. Some of the most interesting stories ever told are actually based on historical events and people who actually existed. With this in mind, interesting essay topics are extremely easy to come by. Still, if you really want to get it right, here are a few things to bear in mind before you start brainstorming:

  • Know where you can get the most research from
  • It is a truly difficult situation to have a wonderful topic but no practical means of acquiring research about it. In some cases this will be because the only sources are anecdotal and thus unsuitable for use in an academic paper. At other times the information may be confidential and you just lack the clearance to be given access to it.

  • Stay away from topics that are too controversial
  • Particularly in cases where you are being graded for your work, a controversial topic may look good at first but quickly take a sour turn. What you consider a well known alternative view of history may sound like a paranoid conspiracy theory to someone on the other side of the fence. Sometimes that person is your teacher or the majority of the readers of the paper.

  • Be open-minded
  • There are many interesting stories in history. Some contain things that are difficult to think of but still must be considered. It is alright to base your essay on something bloody and gory. Open yourself up to different versions of the way things were.

The following are just a few of the ideas that you might decide to follow up on through your paper:

  1. The many times in history where one society was singled out to be reviled
  2. Life without the wheel: How ancient South America survived without one of our most basic technological advances
  3. Beauty in the female form through the eyes of prehistoric man
  4. Controlled substances to ancient people
  5. How the Haitian Revolution shaped the destiny of the rest of the world
  6. How previous ice ages have affected humanity
  7. The spread of Martial Arts knowledge from India to China
  8. Dragon lore: A common myth or the interaction between a dying species of dinosaur and mankind?
  9. The Mongols: Defying Expectations of a Society in that era
  10. The changing face of sexual impropriety