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A List Of Intriguing Expository Essay Topics For College Students

It’s difficult to come up with an intriguing and original expository essay topic because there are just too many options available for you to choose from. The most important considerations you need to keep in mind when looking for a perfect topic are:

  • Educational value.
  • Your essay should teach the readers something or at least offer a new perspective.

  • Relevance.
  • The topic you pick needs to be important to the readers. If it’s a simple college essay, you can gather some information that would help you choose the right focus for your paper by simply talking to your peers and discussing the concerns they have.

  • Personal interest.
  • Write about something you like to make the process easier on you.

In case you still cannot come up with an interesting enough topic, study the following list of prompts:

  1. How can a student stay healthy by dining on campus food.
  2. How to choose college activities that you really won’t regret.
  3. Changes in my college life over the years.
  4. The trials and tribulations of joining a sorority.
  5. How not to lose your sports scholarship and still excel in your studies.
  6. How to become a popular person on campus.
  7. Survival guide to the first semester: how not to get overwhelmed with your new college life.
  8. How to maintain high school friendships throughout college.
  9. The most efficient and discreet ways to get rid of an annoying roommate.
  10. How to become the first in your classes without suffering a mental breakdown.
  11. Balancing party life and studies: can you enjoy both while in college?
  12. A guide to becoming a great roommate and friend.
  13. How to resolve conflicts with your teachers without ruining your relationship.
  14. How to complete all the homework and still have some time to have fun.
  15. Student money saving tips.

Think about what problems you face as a college student and look for some helpful information on how to solve them. If you see that some areas of knowledge are lacking or you have a better idea on how to deal with some issues, you already have a great expository research paper topic on your hands.

There is one important thing you have to remember though. When you write this kind of essay, you need to prove that the methods you describe are indeed the most efficient. To do this, you’ll need to address the arguments of your opposition and break them by using logic and solid evidence.