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Jamaican Military

The Jamaican Military (also known as Jamaica Defense Force) consists of the Jamaican Army, Air Wing, and the Coast Guard. The British Military Model is the basic foundation of Jamaica Defence Force (JDF). For instance, the military traditions, training, organization, and weapons are also strictly accommodating to the standards of Commonwealth Realm countries. Apart from the Army, Coast Guard, and the Air Wing, Jamaica Defense Forces also consists of Reserve Corps and Infantry Regiment, as well as supporting Engineering Unit. The current Chief of Staff of Jamaican Forces is Major-General Antony Anderson. Other Chiefs of Staff of JDF in the past include Major-General Stewart E. Saunders (2007-2010), Major-General Hadley M. Lewin (2002-2007), Major-General John Simmonds (1998-2002), and Major-General (Peter Lorenzo Brady (1990-1998). Overall, ranks in the Jamaican Defense Force (JDF) signify the command status of individual soldiers in JDF hierarchy.

The Headquarters JDF consists of the Defense Force commander, intelligence, command staff, procurement, and administrative sections. The hierarchy would enable Jamaican Military and any other large fighting body to accomplish tasks with speed and efficiency. Recruits of the JDF attain the rank of Private immediately they complete their basic military training. The manpower of JDF is based upon enlisted personnel. Jamaica sends chosen officer candidates to one of the copious Canadian or British basic officer courses depending on the arm of service the selected officer candidates are slated for.

Meanwhile, Warrant Officers are the most experienced personnel in the Jamaican forces, having served for more than ten years. They have distinguished themselves from other JDF soldiers thanks to their professionalism and dedication to service. Senior Officers, on the other hand, make command decisions in peacetime and combat. They play a crucial part in the formulation and execution of various missions in addition to taking charge of important branches and units. In most cases, Senior Officers begin their duties at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Apart from Senior Officers, Junior Officers are often graduates of Officer Cadet School (OCS), serving in the rank of Second Lieutenant. Once they have acquired sufficient experience, they are promoted to Lieutenant. Junior Officers are equally important, but in small-unit combat.

In summary, ranks in the JDF imply the command status or position of individual soldiers along JDF hierarchy. Enlisted soldiers obtain basic training at the JDF Training Depot Newcastle. In addition, the Jamaican Military acquire specialized training in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. The Coast Guard (divided between support crews and sea-going crews) conducts maritime law enforcement, maritime safety, and defense-related operations. Lastly, the support battalion comprises Military Police platoon, as well as supply units, vehicles, and armourers.