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How To Find An Example Of A Good Compare And Contrast Essay

Identifying the similarities and differences of persons, places, things, and events is such a versatile idea of expressing facts or opinions about life. A student is like hitting two birds with one stone. This is one of the easiest essays to write because there are a lot of resources that you can find from almost all sources of information. This will allow you to explore and discover things in a limitless way, allowing yourself the opportunity of an unlimited search for learning.

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This article will help you on how to find an example of a good compare and contrast essay by getting quick assistance from The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Website.

Primarily, the school website calls this material a handout. Before writing the essay, you are given the opportunity to ask whether you will only write about similarities or focus only on differences. In most cases, these two are combined to enhance learning and for a more beneficial effect on learners.

On second thought, the educational website introduces the topic by first, laying down the objectives on why a student will be asked to write a compare and contrast essay; then, giving at least three language competencies to be done by students while writing the essay; and lastly, revealing how the earlier objectives are met by the students.

It is good to know that the school is also able to come up with the idea of teaching their students, as well as their site visitors on how to correctly recognize comparison and contrast in the assignment of students. It is stressed in this part that a compare and contrast essay may only be a part of the general assignment. Meaning, the nature of the required assignment is different, and the possibility of identifying similarities and differences is only a part or a fraction of the general assignment. The following are the examples of a good compare and contrast essays:

  • Definition and understanding of oppression between two authors
  • Comparing and contrasting the first world war from the second world war
  • Contrasting the literary style and writing techniques of two known poets
  • A comprehensive example of the kinds of love
  • Similarities and differences between the kinds of death
  • A focus on nature and its benefits to mankind

There are still a lot of topics that are waiting to be discovered by every student. If time is a luxury, you will be overwhelmed by the fact that there are indeed a lot of ideas that come to your mind, as long as you have the inspiration and the interest in writing it down.