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The fast food chain McDonalds came under great scrutiny in the early 1990’s and 2000’s for the health of its food products as well as for the brand in general. The company realized that they needed to bring a facelift to the company by not only redesigning the interior of the restuarants, but by providing healthier food options and ensuring customers knew of their eco-friendly manufacturing decisions around the world. Such grand efforts actually saved the company and its reputation, bringing it back into the spotlight and increasing the popularization of the brand to what is now referred to as “mcdonaldization”, or the worldwide growth and popularity of McDonalds food and restaurant services.

The company McDonald’s in 2007 was ranked 8th in terms of brand and was 9th in 2006. It changed in rank by one. In 2007 McDonald’s was valued at $29398 million. In 2006 the brand was valued at $27501 million. It changed in value from the previous year by seven percent. McDonald’s experienced this increase because it improved brand management, planning efficiencies, as well as modeling contingencies.

The company refocused corporately by dividing contingencies such as Boston Market and Chipotle. For McDonalds it focused solely on the global advertising theme of “I’m lovin’ it!” According to Our Fish Bowl, the brand continued to reinvent its name be offering healthy choices for food. It responded directly to success from consumers by offering nutritional profiles for everything on the menu. It introduced new sandwiches, fruit items, and salads.

The brand continued to enjoy success by remodelling the restaurants to more stylish options which expounded upon traditional perceptions of the brand name and encouraged customers to remain and return frequently. Many facilities focused on attracting customers to remain and eat rather than grab a quick snack and leave. The company began to focus on their coffee. They appealed to Starbucks customers by offering a new line of high-quality of coffees. The company focused on attracting customers with internet, premium coffee, and healthier food options. They focused instead on improving the entire customer experience rather than focusing on expanding the number of outlets. They overall focused on quality, value, and convenience. Today they are well known as one of the most popular internationally found fast food chains around the world, all thanks to redesigning their brand and focusing on healthier food choices and eco-friendly manufacturing options. Now “mcdonaldization” remains a popular term.