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How To Write An Essay On Stress And Personality

The Greeks coined the term ‘persona’ to describe the large masks that actors wore on stage to ensure that even the patrons at the back of the stadia could see and interpret the motives of the characters. This word survives in its descendant ‘personality’ which is a collection of enduring traits that a person displays. It can change over time but only gradually. Any trait that changes to abruptly is more accurately described as a temporary state.

In modern times, many of us suffer from the over abundance of information and our limited time in which to assimilate it all. This results in stress. If you would like to write an essay that combines these themes try these things:

  • Consider both definitions of stress
  • Stress can be both positive and negative. If it is positive it is known as eustress. This makes you feel motivated to complete a task that would otherwise be a bit too difficult to handle. Distress on the other hand can stop you from accomplishing anything and make you feel hopeless. Decide if you want to address one, the other or both.

  • Look into the different theories of personality
  • Psychologists and other social scientists have been studying personality for quite some time. There are many theories of how personality develops that you can refer to in your writing. Pick wisely as some of them have been around for long enough to be fully disproved and replaced.

  • Find connections between personality and resilience to stressful stimuli
  • Some people are extroverted and thus welcome novel experiences and challenges. Introverts may prefer less risk in their lives and thus perceive anything stressful as distressing.

  • Consider the other possible reasons for the phenomena
  • The things we label simply as stress may actually be part of something far more complex. There are times that we may be observing a psychotic break in progress and mistakenly assume that the person involved is just having a single bad day.

  • Write a conclusion
  • Once your thoughts have been organized well enough you can begin the process of creating a conclusion. This should include what you have decided based on all the information you have put together throughout the writing process.

The decision you come to on these two factors’ relationship with one another is not as important as the evidence you have collected that supports the conclusion.