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Does Racism Continue to Persist in the United States?

As long as there are different races, cultures, and religions, there will probably be racism. Or maybe this generation can be the one who finally puts a stop to racism. In the United States, the times of the Fugitive Slave Law Act and Harriet Tubman have passed, but there still exist racism. And world events seem to reflect the same hypothesis for across the globe.

If young black men are being killed because of race there is a problem. But if young black men are being killed by each other due to poverty, lack of education, and gang violence is this racism? How does one pattern affect the other one? Recent cases have shown in the court that the police officers were not guilty of racism, but that the government has found that maybe police officers do profile. If these profiling results in lower incidents of crime, the question is that is this racism? Defining the word is even difficult.

Racism all comes down to a lack of understanding. Anyone can tell you that people who are lacking in understanding are less empathetic and often some times more afraid. But some groups, as shown by recent activities in Paris, hate simply do to a person’s race or culture. They have been brought up to hate all people in certain cultures. Jewish people are flocking back to Israel because they are feeling the pain of racism all over the world.

While the idea of peaceful protests was poignant, where do we go next to erase racism? And what do people do about cultures that are not interested in changing their attitude toward racism? It is not an easy problem to solve. And attempts at solving it often end up impacting a people’s right to freedom of speech. After all, Jefferson said our greatest and natural rights are the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

In America, the Middle East, Nigeria, Korea, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain, India, Canada, and various other places all over the world, daily stories come out reflecting that we are indeed a racist society. These trends cannot continue, but we must do more than talk about the problem. We have to be a part of the solution that stops racism in our world. The problem is how do we change this and where do we begin. Lastly, will we achieve the dream of Martin Luther King?