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What Is The Proper Format For An Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are quite popular; so much so that teachers keep creating scores of topics to test the analytical powers of students. Most students, whenever they come across topics they know something about, compare and contrast according to the knowledge they hold. This results in mediocre work.

It is way preferable to follow the set pattern; method and format for writing these essays. This lends an edge to the piece and also makes the readers more knowledgeable about the relevance of the topic. Here is the way you should treat your piece –

  • A probing introduction
  • The introduction should pave the way for the entire essay. You should clearly emphasize which side of the argument you will take and why. You should also suggest the factors you will analyze as the work progresses. This will generate automatic curiosity in the minds of the reader, especially when the topic is relevant to current times.

  • Placement of the two sides
  • You will use the first paragraph of the body (mid-section) in expostulating the merits of the side you have taken and why. Explain it in all its glory and make the readers warm up. Do research in finding some rather unknown facts about the topic; dissecting it from psychological and physical angles.

    The second paragraph should place the opposite side of the argument in its true light. You should write about it in an unbiased way, mentioning its highs and lows. Your estimation of the side should be thorough and elaborate. This way, the readers will get a clear picture of what the argument about the two sides is all about and whether it holds enough water or not.

  • Clarify your reasons
  • The third paragraph of the essay should clarify your reasons for sticking with the side you have taken. Give logical reasons; not colored ones. Back it with stats, figures and exactions. Even if it is an opinionated topic, look for ways in which it can be concretized. Readers should feel for the side in an emphatic way.

  • Impartial and consummate
  • These three paragraphs will lay bare the two sides of the argument in an impartial and wholesome way. It will also present your perspective on the topic; nota derived one. It then falls on the reader to analyze where you have risen in your opinion and where you have erred. Both ways, it is a victory for you and your argumentative essay.

  • A winsome conclusion
  • Conclude the essay in a paragraph asserting your view. You should also emphasize any solution you may have offered through your essay. This finishes your paper giving it a bright and weighty look.