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Academic Writing Help: How To Find A Decent Essay Example

Your years at high school, college, and university will entail many hours of research and writing. You will find your academic life will proceed more smoothly if you learn the basics of essay writing as quickly as possible. Being able to produce a well-written, and easy to follow essay will help you later in life as well. Many business people, scientists, and those employed by government agencies must write reports, essays and briefs.

We have a few suggestions that will help you develop excellent essay-writing skills early on in your academic career. We'll also tell you where you can go to read through good examples of essays and other academic work.

Academic Essay Writing Tips To Remember:

  • Make sure before you begin you have a clear understanding of what the assignment entails. Have you been assigned a topic, or is it up to you to come up with one? Does your instructor expect a narrative, argumentative, or cause and effect essay? If you have any doubts, speak with your course supervisor to make sure that you start off on the right foot.
  • Do any necessary research before you start writing. Make sure that you have the required number of reliable reference sources that the assignment requires.
  • Start strong with a well-prepared introduction and thesis (where necessary) Supporting evidence should be neatly organized into the body of your essay. Leave them wanting more! Take the time to craft a fantastic finish to include in your concluding statements.

Where To Go For Good Essay Examples

  • The web is filled with homework help sites (free and pay as you go) that will have numerous essay examples available for you to read. Search for one that matches up with the topic of your own work. Look for the strengths in the paper, and any weaknesses. Is the author's argument easy to follow? Does the writing flow well? Do you finish the essay feeling confused (a bad sign) or wanting to know more (a good sign!)
  • Your own school and library will have sample essays that you can access as well. Talk to your librarian and course supervisors for ideas on where to look. Ask them what their favourite essays are. It can be very useful to learn what the person grading your paper wants to see in your work. Keep their preferences in mind as you write.
  • Ask to see copies of your classmates best work. What papers earned them an A? Do a swap; I'll show you my best papers if you'll show me yours!