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Writing A Character Profile Essay: Complete Instructions

This type of paper gives you the opportunity to explore a character from a book and investigate what role he or she may have played in the story. There are many different type of conventions for literary essays, but some common elements include a thesis statement, a conclusion and some well-supported paragraphs for the body content.

Here are some of the things to include in your character profile:

  • What are the traits establishing the importance of the character in the story?
  • Examine the actions of the character
  • Examine the thoughts and communication of the character
  • Examine what others think of him
  • What significance do these traits all have in his development within the story?
  • Help the reader relate to the character
  • How do they manifest in society and with other people?

Create an outline for your paper which incorporates all the essential elements. This would include introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. The number of body paragraphs you need depends on the length requirement for your assignment. Normally there are at least three. This means you need three main supporting ideas for your thesis statement. Each one should tie into the thesis and be part of the foundation that supports it.

After your outline is finished, use it as a guideline to write your first draft. This should be written freely, without worrying about whether or not your spelling or grammar is perfect. These can be corrected in the final draft. It’s important to write more than one draft because it helps you polish it up with each edit.

The thesis statement should be found at the end of the introductory paragraph. It’s the transition sentence leading into the first paragraph of the body. Each body paragraph should also have a transition sentence so the reader is led along in a nice flowing manner as they read through your paper.

You must use ample evidence as you explore and explain each trait. Be elaborate and use detail. Don’t over generalize or your reader won’t gain as much insight about it. Your thesis statement should be clear and specific.

In the conclusion of your paper, don’t just reiterate the points you brought out in the paragraphs of your body. You need to tie everything together as well as briefly summarizing.

Edit and proofread. Don’t skip this step. After you’ve read it over once to correct mistakes, give it to one of reliable online essay writing services to proofread for you.