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Getting a Top-Quality Sample for Free: Essay Writing Tips

Every author knows that in order to write well, one needs to read a lot. This helps you improve your skills without much actual practice. This method of studying is most efficient when you need to learn how to write good essays.

The best sources of high quality free samples are:

Academic writing hubs.

The websites that specialize in providing information pertaining to academic writing are most helpful in this regard. Here you can find both some writing guides and examples for every point. The samples you can find though these sources may not be the most creative or original, but they will help you understand the structure of the paper you need to create.


Your school library should store the essays written over the years. As a student, you will be able to access them quickly, but finding the best samples might take some time. Ask librarians for help with this task as professionals can navigate the papers more easily.

You should focus on the essays with similar topics use them as supplementary research material, or simply study the ones with the highest grades.

Custom writing firms.

You can contact these firms for various reasons. The services they offer might be really helpful, even if you want to write the actual paper on your own. The specialists you can employ through this kind of company can assist you with gathering information or editing your work.

To provide you with some idea of their writers’ skills, the company should offer a few free samples. Use this opportunity to study essays written by real professionals.

Your friends.

They can be your best helpers with this project. Your friends will be able to not only offer their own essays as examples, but also provide you with advice on how to write these papers.

Your teachers.

If you struggle with understanding some formal requirements of the paper, you should ask your teacher for clarifications and examples.

To make the most out of a conversation with a teacher, you should come well-prepared. Write a list of questions beforehand so that you don’t forget anything.

Online essay databases.

There are plenty of databases that offer all kinds of academic papers on a great variety of subjects. Although, not all of the samples you can download from them are good, so be sure to learn the requirements your paper must meet before you look at these examples. This way, you will know how to tell a good sample from a bad one.