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A List Of Interesting Essay Topics On Drug Abuse To Write About

If you are tasked with writing an essay one of the most difficult components is to select your topic topics will be assigned early on in your academic career. Your teacher will tell you explicitly what to write about but as you grow and advance within your academic career you will no longer have that opportunity and instead your Teacher will give you the Freedom to select any topic that you choose so long as it is relevant to the assignment details.

If you are given this freedom, considered a gift. No longer do you have to write about a topic that you don't really care about or topic that you were not interested in. Now you can pick something that is personal, something that you are passionate about, and something that really interests you.

If you are writing an essay on drug abuse, take some time to brainstorm whether you think drug abuse is a serious problem within our society or not. You can take many different standpoints on regularly presented arguments within this subject.

  • You can write about whether individual freedom, something which America protects, should allow people to use whatever drugs they want and become addicted to whatever drugs they want. Conversely you can also state that individual freedom has a limit, and that limit is when it begins to harm others or the general populace. People who abuse drugs may hallucinate and cause harm to those around them at which point drug abuse is no longer protected under individual freedom.
  • You can write a paper about a rebellion that takes place during the teenage years against parents or against authority. Perhaps simply telling young children going through this phase that they cannot take drugs is not the best way to stop drug abuse. Perhaps there are other methods to reduce rebellion against parents in the form of drug abuse. Rebellion against authority is a typical phase that most people go through, and most of them go through it around her teenage years. You can present an alternative arguments to reducing drug abuse as a means of rebellion.
  • You can discuss the insufficient punishments from police forces for certain drugs. Conversely you can argue that punishment are far too strict for natural, non-addictive drugs such as marijuana compared to prescription drugs which are now more highly abused than ever. Consider that students feign symptoms of attention deficit Disorder can receive a prescription for the most highly advanced speed on the market. They can then sell those drugs to their friends for a severely lesser punishment compared to selling marijuana to their friends. And yet the permanent effects might be arguably worse for the speed.