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How to Make Sure You're Hiring a Reliable Essay Writing Company

When it comes to hiring someone to write a paper for you, the most stressful thing can be making sure that you don’t get scammed. You don’t want to spend a lot of money just to wind up with a C paper! Here are some questions to ask that will help ensure that you hire the right company to write your essay.

  • Are they asking for more personal information than you’re comfortable giving out? If an essay writing company is asking for personal info that you don’t think they need (like your birthday, social security number, phone number, or e-mail), you might want to think twice about giving it out. There are a lot of scams out there, and people can make money off your identity. Never, ever give out your social security number, and be careful using any service that seems like it’s asking a lot of you.
  • Are their rates average, or below average? Most essay writing companies charge about the same for a paper, so if a company is advertising rates that fall way below average, you might not want to go with that company. While saving some money might be appealing, a really cheap essay writing company could be dangerous. You might end up with a plagiarized paper that could get you in trouble with school, or you may never receive a paper at all!
  • Do they ask for information about the class and your writing ability? A reliable essay writing company will ask about your class, the paper guidelines, and how good of a writer you are. They might even ask for a sample of another essay you’ve written so that they can try to match your style, which can help hide the fact that you didn’t actually write the paper yourself. At the very least, a company should ask for a copy of the handout or guidelines for the paper so that the writer knows what to focus on and how to format it.
  • Do they offer a customer service line or 24/7 live assistance? You’ll want to go with a company that you can get in touch with you if the need arises. Before paying or committing to pay for a paper, make sure that there is a number you can call in emergencies, or a live chat features that will connect you to customer support. It might be a good idea to call the customer service line beforehand just to see whether or not you end up talking to a real person and not an answering machine!