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The History Of Internet

The internet is an application of computers that connects millions of computer users. The history of the internet dates back to the invention of the modern computers. The invention of internet was commenced by the military as an experimental network in early nineteen sixties. Doug Engelb was the first person to invent an “Online System” that performed simple tasks such as sending mails, hypertext browsing and editing.

The Development of Internet

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the United States established a research program in 1973, to explore technologies and techniques for connecting different types of packet network. The study was expanded to various agencies of the government and later to the higher learning institution. This study resulted to development of networking system which was referred to as the “Internet.” Al Gore is referred to as the father of internet. However, it is not real that Al Gore established the internet though he made significant participation during the development of internet.

Initially, computer were interconnected by the use of normal telephone cables. However, with advanced development in technology in the modern word, internet has advanced from initial cable networking to wireless networking such as Wi-Fi. The development of internet has made the world to look as a small village to many people. People can transmit data and information to other people in various parts of the world using the internet.

Impacts of Internet

The internet has got unlimited significant. The internet is among fastest mode of communication. Information transmitted over the internet travels at a speed equivalent to two thirds the speed of light. The cost of transmitting information is as well very minimal since the charges of sending and retrieving the information are applied separately.

Most interest, internet has adversely enhanced the freedom of speech even to region whereby the freedom of speech is restricted. Moreover, net offers a wide frame work where people can attain knowledge and communicates with other people irrespective of their geographical areas. The development of internet has led to success of many businesses as well as development of online based businesses such as e-commerce which would not have been possible without the internet.

Despites having unlimited significant, the internet has been accused of immoral practices and behaviors. The internet involves wide range of pornographic materials which are negatively influencing young people and as a result, bringing about sexual harassments. The invention of e-commerce led to negative led to impacts on the world economy as well as the prices in the stock markets which resulted to huge losses to the entrepreneurs.