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How To Find A Reliable Tutor To Edit My Essay Online For Free

When writing an essay, you want to find someone to help with your editing, the reason being is that editing is really when the work begins, and if you do not know what to look for, editing can be a very daunting task. Editing is not just looking at grammatical errors; it involves how well you have formed arguments, and how well the paper reads.

  • What are some good sources
  • What essays are allowed
  • What to look for in a tutor

What are some good sources

There are some good sources out there, a website like tutor.com, may be able to provide services, but there may be fees involved. A good source would be to check the writing center of the university where you attend, they will have people on campus but possibly online as well. If you’re a student, those services are free, and they may also be free if you’re alumni, and need help with a writing project. Another source to look into is places like the local library, and find out what they suggest, and your fellow students, where have they gone.

What Essays are allowed

There are different kinds of essays here are a few:

  • Personal Statements
  • Book Reports
  • Thesis Statements
  • Research Papers
  • Creative Writing

Places such as University Writing Centers will have free services for editing. If you need help with creative writing, visit a website that specializes in that style of writing. They may have links that will put you in touch with people who may critique your work. But remember this, if you’re requesting someone to critique your work do not send him or her a full essay, send the writer a brief description of what you are writing. If they respond that they’re interested then send them you’re entire piece; an experienced writer can give you some interesting points that you may not have considered.

What to look for in a tutor

A tutor should be certified if you are working from an actual service, like one that helped me to write my admission essay. On campus writing centers are usually staffed with fellow students. This can have its pros and cons; depending on the student, some may specialize in creative writing, while others may be better qualified for research papers. Free services will certainly have its benefits, but it may not have the most qualified people for editing, so be open to contacting a professional service.