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Survival Of The Fittest

Rocky Balboa, a fictional boxing character in a slew of classic movies, can best be remembered for telling his son that it wasn’t about how hard you hit, but rather how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward because that is how winning is done. This is a bit of a different take on survival of the fittest than what Charles Darwin meant by his theory of evolution, but the Rocky quote does a much better job at letting the non-scientific minded people understand what it means to be the survivor.

The survival of the fittest is the scientific study that through evolution, the strongest genes are the ones that carry forward into the future. This is true by which gazelle can actually outrun the lion and by which human survived taking on the extremes of the Oregon Trail. The concept is true that the one that is capable of going through misery and back takes true courage and goes to show that the human spirit can endure a lot more than people think they can.

Survival of the fittest is a term used hand in hand with that of natural selection. Some of these traits are inherent, such as knowing that the lion will always eventually catch the gazelle while others can be learned, such as the gazelle being able to outwit the lion. Natural selection does not occur overnight but rather through generational populations are a trait found to be less common eventually is weeded out of the population, killing its chances of continuing in a reproductive world.

Largely labeled a heretic for his scientific research, Charles Darwin was a highly intelligent man unfortunately put into the gene pool before his time, but still fought for what is now known as something that is scientifically based and backed. Most of Darwin’s work took him to the Galapagos where he saw first-hand the genetic differences in variations of finches, which helped him back his evidence up for the scientific world. These processes will continue to develop until the end of time, but Rocky, although fictional, truly speaks to the heart of the human spirit and mind that you cannot take the fighter out of the fight so long as they choose to keep going until they are stopped. These genetic manipulations work on the same premise and will continue to until the perfect species is bred, if this will be even scientifically possible.