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Language Barriers

Communication is one of the most important things in human beings life. The world today is obsessed with development. You will however agree with me that there can never be development if there is no effective communication. It is important that people understand each other for any communication to be termed as effective. I think by now you understand that language is an important factor. Unless you can speak one language, then you can never communicate effectively. This is what has led to people learning more than one language so as to bridge the gap and make sure that you can communicate with others outside your mother language. There is what is termed as the national language. This is the language that is used in the offices and helps countries with different communities who have different languages to communicate and understand each other effectively. Trying to learn a new language may be hectic and stressing and often requires one to invest a lot of time in it. It is however a worthwhile course as you may have an advantage when it comes to communicating with others of the second learnt language.


Misunderstanding is the best example of effects of language barriers. It is fetal if two people are working in the same environment and face the problem of language barriers. Use of technical jargon and slang could lead to language barrier. Also people could be from different cultures or countries. Countries that had the same colonial powers are lucky as they have a common language that they can use. The accent and way other people speak could also lead to misunderstanding between two parties. Misunderstanding can lead to frustration at the work place which may reduce the productivity of the business. It is thus important to try and identify the cause of your problem and be patient with your partner. You can then work on resolving the problem together or try and learn the other person. You should however never let language barriers influence your relationship with your workmates negatively.

Solutions to language barriers

If you realize that you are faced with the problem of language barrier, then you should as soon as possible find a way to go about the problem. This is important if it is with people that you spend a lot of time with. You can either try signing although it will be difficult as you begin. Trying communication through writing is also encouraged. It may also be a challenge especially due to grammar and spelling mistakes. You should also try to learn new languages to place yourself in a better place.