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Marijuana: The Problems in the Community

Is there tension in the community causing people to use marijuana more? There are studies that look into reasons why people use marijuana, but these results still leave a number of questions unanswered. There are people off all ages gaining access to it with some areas making it legal. Few people do not want it in their communities because of the trouble it causes. For some people the use of marijuana leads to harder or stronger drugs such as cocaine, heroin or meth. So how are communities dealing with this issue, and how has it lead to other problems only the community can solve?

Marijuana seems like something that can be accessed pretty easily. People are able to sell it in different forms and make a considerate amount of money doing so. But, some people turn to selling it as a form of income. They may not be able to get a job (or try to apply themselves to get a real job) but feel this is what they know and do best. There are people who lose their lives over small amounts while others make it their lives to sell, distribute and use it to their advantage. Because some like to use it as something to help them feel good, it seems like it will still be within the community for a long time to come.

Communities have formed activist and awareness groups to help others take back their streets. Some marijuana use contributes to violence. There are people the use deadly weapons to take from others what is not theirs. People are known to rob each other to support their habit or take drugs that are not theirs to get away with not paying for it. Then, it becomes more of a challenge for parents to keep their kids focused on doing positive things. Thanks to kids getting a hold of marijuana from people they know, some think there is no problem smoking it.

Communities need to work together to resolve the issue. They need to be willing to work with each other and share ideas that could make their streets safer. There are times when people are afraid to speak up because they have been threatened or they think their idea will not make a difference. Because you live in the neighbor you need to understand what your rights are and how to make related choices wisely to see the change you want.